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    10,000 flowers sent to Netanyahu after White House 'ambush'


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    10,000 flowers sent to Netanyahu after White House 'ambush'

    Post  Arik on Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:44 pm

    By Drew Zahn
    ©️ 2010 WorldNetDaily

    Americans are reportedly sending nearly 10,000 yellow roses to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a sign of friendship following what the effort's organizers are calling "the worst treatment from any president in American history."

    As WND reported, following a meeting last month in which President Obama walked out on Netanyahu and the Israeli delegation, WND columnist Janet Porter of Faith2Action organized an The Israel Friendship Project to send roses to the prime minister as a show of American support.

    Included in each dozen roses is a card that reads, "Dear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Be encouraged, Americans stand with you. God bless you."

    The cards concludes with the biblical verse, "The Lord builds up Jerusalem," from Psalm 147:2.

    Now, Porter is reporting, the response has been overwhelming, with nearly 10,000 flowers ready to be delivered by a Jerusalem florist.

    "Americans are showing their support for Israel in a fresh, tangible way," said Porter in a statement. "When this historic delivery fills the offices of the prime minister – with friendship flowers on every desk and in every cubicle, the beautiful aroma of friendship may well spill over to the Knesset, Israel's parliament, and to the people of Israel.

    "Soon the Prime Minister and all of Israel will know they are not alone: Israel has a beautiful friendship with people in the United States – who will be here long after this administration is gone," she added.

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