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    This Yom Kippur


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    This Yom Kippur

    Post  Arik on Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:36 pm

    On this past Yom Kippur like many fellow Jews, I spent a lot of time reflecting over the past year (5769) about what I could have done better, what I did wrong, things I should have done but failed to do. It was a time of fasting and a time of reflecting and a time of being with others in the shul throughout the holiday. In some ways, since it is a day of repentance, it can be somewhat sad, looking back at past failures and having to admit that many times we were wrong and that we still need to work on being better people.
    At this time, I think this should also be a time of remembering a time not so long ago Oct6, 1973 when our people in Israel were attacked by Egypt and Syria. Two nations of Infidels who thought (wrongly) that on our day of atonement when we were not eating, nor drinking and spending our highest of holy days in prayer that it would be a good time to launch a two pronged attack against us. Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria and of course the Russians also decided to help our enemies The Soviets airlifted 12,500–15,000 tons of supplies, of which more than half went to Syria, and supplied another 63,000 tons mainly to Syria by means of a sealift. Needless to say, with all these people gathered together against a nation as small and under-equipped as Israel, it would seem that our people in the region were doomed and fighting a no-win situation. However as history has shown, all these forces could do nothing and in the end, HaShem saw to it that we were victorious. Proving once again: "Am Yisrael Chai! Od Avinu, Chai!"
    So as we take inventory of our shortcomings over the past year, let us also reflect on how great Our G-d is. In that, we can rejoice. Not only do we receive atonement on this day, but we can also remember that no matter what, our enemies will not triumph over us and we will never die!

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