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    Parsha B'Iyun shiur .


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    Parsha B'Iyun shiur .

    Post  Arik on Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:13 pm

    Sources for a Short Shiur on Parshas Pinchas
    Topic: What was Zimri thinking when he asked Moshe
                “Is this woman (Kozbee) permitted  or not?
    And if not , who permitted the daughter of Yisro to you?”
                    Was he just being rash or was there a chochma to it?
    1)The actual statement from where Rashi in Balak takes this from, is the bottom of Sanhedrin 82A
    2) Didn’t Zimri see a difference between a converted woman and his Kozbee?
    3) If he really converted her too, then what was indeed the problem?
    Check the Maharsha and the amazing Yerushalmi quoted in the Torah Temima Balak 25- 6
    4)Rashi in Sanhedrin is clarifying Zimri’s challenge to Moshe as well as Moshe’s ungiven reply. You can use the Torah Temima,Meam Loez and Rav Yaakov Emden in Sanhedrin to understand the Rashi
    5)The Aruch LaNer in Sanhedrin is worth a look , as he points out the extent of Zimri’s chutzpa
    6)Rav Yehonasson Eibeschutz explains Zimri’s defense against the Gemara in Yevamos(24 B) about not accepting gerim during good Jewish times (like Shlomo)

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