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    Judaism is not christianity minus Jsus


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    Judaism is not christianity minus Jsus

    Post  Arik on Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:43 am

    Matthew 26:57 states that Jesus was taken to the house of Caiaphas the high priest and put on trial. This NEVER HAPPENED. The Sanhedrin (a combination of a Supreme Court and Congress / Parliament) was never run by the high priest.

    During the Second Temple period the Sanhedrin was run by Zugos (pairs) -- one was the Nasi (prince / president) who held political power and the other was the Av Beit Din (dean / head of the court) who dealt purely with matters of Jewish law (halacha).

    This whole nonsense in ALL four gospels that Jsus was tried before priests is nonsense. Priests had nothing to do with trials. Yet along with Matthew 26:57 we have Matthew 27:1 which says that the next morning the priests met again (what on Passover??? That goes against Jewish law and the Torah itself!). Mark 14:53 states that Jsus was taken that night "to the high priest" -- again the high priest was NOT part of the Sanhedrin.

    By the time Jsus was supposedly killed the Sanhedrin power had been removed from the priests because of their corruption. They basically bought their "high priest" status from the Romans! Yosef ben Toviah was the maternal nephew of the High Priest (Chonyah II). He was corrupt and was unscrupulous with money. The office of High Priest was hereditary and he tried to grab the position. He paid 20 talents of silver to King Ptolemy. This practice continued and got worse under the Romans -- thus the priests were pawns of the Romans and became highly Hellenized. The entire tale in the Christian bible is illogical and does not map in any way to the historical records we have both from us Jews and the Romans. It is all a fable -- a costly fable which many believe to this day still blaming Jews for "murdering Jsus."

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