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    The Mitzvah of welcoming a newcomer


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    The Mitzvah of welcoming a newcomer

    Post  Arik on Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:00 pm

    People, please. When a new member ( or an old member for that matter) stops by here and says hello, please have the courtesy to give him or her a welcome. It doesn't have to be the equivalent of typing out a novel, but I would imagine there are few things that compare to someone joining the forums and stopping in here and saying hello to everyone to get a "welcome to the forums" from ONE person. Remember that we are to be welcoming of "strangers" because we were strangers in Egypt. Just as when someone comes to visit your local shul or someone new moves into your neighborhood, they are already probably nervous because they don't know anyone there. We should always make them feel welcome. If they take the time to stop in here and say Shalom, please take the time to say Shalom back.



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