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    Mt. Carmel Blaze Breaks Firewall Between Faiths


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    Mt. Carmel Blaze Breaks Firewall Between Faiths

    Post  Arik on Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:01 am

    In the aftermath of the Carmel fire, there has been an expected outpouring of support from Christian evangelical and messianic groups. Statements and appeals coming from Israel’s Prime Minister's Office, Tourism Ministry and Jewish National Fund (JNF) indicate that post-fire funding is being actively solicited from the evangelical community.
    Jewish Israel acknowledges that many Gentiles who contribute to Israel likely do so out of friendship and a sincere concern for the Jewish state and its people. We recognize that in a humanitarian crisis, it is appropriate to accept aid from non-Jews who take a moral stand with the state of Israel, as long as Torah values, the Jewish faith and the Jewish people are not compromised.
    Unfortunately, numerous church leaders and their missionary cohorts perceive every tragedy or challenge faced by Israel as either an evangelizing opportunity, a chance to garner further Christian influence in the Jewish State, or a personal calling to fulfil their prophetic end-times mission according to the gospel. Regardless of the actual motive, Genesis 12:3 is often cited for good measure (and because it makes Jews feel good).

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