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    Purpose of the Anti-Missionary forum..Please read.


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    Purpose of the Anti-Missionary forum..Please read.

    Post  Arik on Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:59 am

    So Everyone understand the purpose of this forum. This forum is NOT to offend Non-Jews or people of other faiths or those of NO faith.

    The main purpose of the Anti-Missionary forum is two-fold.
    One, it is to educate Jews when dealing with Missionaries or those of other faiths who may try and convert Jews who may not have had much of a Torah-based education. One thing that seems obvious is when it comes to converting people, if missionaries can convert a Jew, it is like the won the super bowl. Jews have been the target of Missionaries for centuries. We are obligated to our fellow Jews to bring them closer to Torah education and Torah observance. Jews are OBLIGATED to one another, not just to help each other in times of need, but also to keep them on the right path to G-d. We realize that this is important while at the same time, not be overly self righteous or be overbearing on each other to the point of turning people off to Torah Judaism altogether.

    Second, it helps to answer the seemingly ever-enduring question of why Jews who are learned in Torah and follow Judaism have rejected and continue to reject what we see as a religion that is contrary to our faith and understanding of Torah. Therefore, it is also to perhaps a lesser degree, a way of educating those of other faiths.

    We welcome all people here regardless of their level of observance or their faith or lack of religious faith. I was discussing with Yehuda concerns of the Anti Missionary forum and while we both agree we should try not to be to overly aggressive in our anti-missionary stance, we also agreed that this section of the forum is important for the discussion and education of our fellows, both Jews and non-Jews alike.


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