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    The way G-d looks at humans. Jew first,then the Gentile



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    The way G-d looks at humans. Jew first,then the Gentile

    Post  Snapper2 on Fri Sep 03, 2010 8:45 pm

    I do realize G-d is not a human but is the Creator of all races of people.I believe He set aside a people(Jews) to show His Character to the world.If He desires to show His ways through the Jew through all the laws, why are the Gentiles only required to keep seven laws from Noah? If a Gentile wants to be "holy",he keeps seven laws and has a clean conscience. If a Jew wants a clean conscience he has a lot more to think about it seems. If a Jewish man and a Gentile man both love G-d and want to please Him it seems the Jew has a bigger burden. I believe He loves both the same but which one, being human as we are, has the best chance of loving Him back without us feeling He owes us something? I'm not trying to understand G-d's perfect plan for mankind only trying to relate to it. I don't think He tries to force us to be something we're not,only enables us to be like Someone we love.

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    Re: The way G-d looks at humans. Jew first,then the Gentile

    Post  Yehudah on Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:41 pm

    G-d and His Torah are for all mankind. In that regard, there are 3 real choices (all because of the gift of free will):

    1) Do nothing, ask for nothing, follow whatever you want.

    2) Become Bnai Noach - follow all 7 of the Noahide Laws.

    3) Become Bnai Israel - Convert to Judaism and follow all 613 mitzvot.

    So option 1 isn't very geshmach. While you can live your life and follow your own rules, when judgement comes, you'll be in a world of hurt.

    Option 2 is a very good option, Snapper. You are only required to follow 7 Laws, and you can support Israel and Hashem fully, by doing that.

    Option 3 is much more involved, but is very fulfilling.

    My opinion is that you don't lose by being Bnai Noach, but your reward can be greater in shamayim if you become Bnai Israel. G-d won't slight Bnai Noach, because not everyone can or wants to become Jewish. But, the avodas Hashem is what really matters, and if you perform it in eiher context, you will have reward in Olam Habah.

    Not a very good help to you I don't think.... but I appreciate your post.

    ...trying to actualize my potential!

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    Re: The way G-d looks at humans. Jew first,then the Gentile

    Post  Arik on Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:03 pm

    Hashem doesn't "owe us anything" You don't get extra credit for doing what you are supposed to be doing.
    The reason Jews have more laws is that many of the Law in the Torah were very specifically designed to set us apart and make us different. Hashem gave us a different set of law for that purpose. In some ways yes, it gives us more to think about, but we recognize those laws not as a whole lot of difficult rules to follow, but as a way to help us attain a higher level of Holiness, keep us healthy, keep us safe, etc...
    Both the Jew and non-Jew alike have the Love of Hashem since he loves his creation. by giving the gentiles a smaller set of laws doesn't mean that somehow you mean less or are less important. The best way to look at it is like this: G-d gave some people the ability to become surgeons and doctors, others have limited ability and can not achieve that level but can only be garbage collectors or stone masons, Yes can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone were a doctor? Without someone to build th homes, where would we live? Without someone to collect the garbage, society would crumble and fall to disease. Every person, every animal, every plant serves some sort of purpose here and at the beginning of creation, G-d said "it was good"
    Just because Gentiles have a different set of Rules doesn't mean that they aren't equally important in G-d's master plan.

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    Re: The way G-d looks at humans. Jew first,then the Gentile

    Post  Snapper2 on Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:21 pm

    Thanks for your reply Yehudah. It clears up a few questions I had. But to be honest, I must admit I am a believer in the Son of G-d. I dont want to let this hinder my support for Israel though. I will try to abide by Bnai Noach and support Israel. Again thanks for yours and Ariks replies. Snapper

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    Re: The way G-d looks at humans. Jew first,then the Gentile

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